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DALLAS [Nov. 30th, 2008|03:16 pm]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]

i've moved again!
this blog will still be here cos it has the lovely friend-locked posts function which i adore :D
so i will post friend posts here!

but my main blog shall be

you can relink me please :D
*im using cupcakeandme again cos its so easy to remember :D
i was thinking biscuitdrizzle but it sounded like biscuitshizzle and i think im more of a cupcakefan :D

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// seemed like a good idea at the time // [Nov. 26th, 2008|08:40 pm]
[Current Location |homey home home]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |ultraviolet - the stiff dylans]

but since i havent posted pictures in like foreverrrrr and my blog looks so plain and boring i decided to post a picture of me and my sillly crazy dubbyyy<333333333! love her lotsywotsy. :D
took this pic at ed's place while we having our psl bbq thingie which was tres fun.

anyywayyyyyy. IM HOME! (from japan)
i was getting kinda tired of the journeying all about japan but im kinda sad that its over cos now i have literally nothing (greatly exciting) to look forward to.
but tml is movie with d,d. lol poor k is in bangkok. HOPE YOURE FINE! 
i cant believe im home!
I can never believe my trips are over. and i didnt even make it to Lawson. im a huge lawson fan. not so much a Family Mart/ Circle K/ 7/11 fan. im fine with Family Mart though. i think its the colours, and how theyre always as big as Lawson outlets.
THERE WAS A AOZORA FAIR ON AT LAWSON. and though we kept passing by Lawson outlets while travelling in the coach i never made it to one. only to family marts  ): boooooooo.
i love japan :D :D

andandand there was THREEEE nights of onsen! i love onsen. ahhahaha. there was one onsen resort which had these open air onsens which were really open air. and cos it was snowing you could stretch hard and reach out and pick the snow off the groud while you were still in the water. and I BUILT A SNOWMAN ON THE ROCKS LINING THE ONSEN POOL ! hahah he was really really cute. but my hands were freezing so i had to dip them in the water occasionally. i fashioned a heart out of the ice too and placed it by my snowman. pity i couldnt take a photo of it. :D

since the YSL Besace bag that I want is too ridiculously expensive for the likes of me,
(it was supposed to be a birthday present from my mom which is very belated)
we got me a Samantha Thavasa (NY brand really popular amongst the jappies) bag instead! i love it :D
but sadly not quite as much as the Besace bag. ):
and a Cheki Fujifilm instax mini in white! its kinda like a Polaroid. It works exactly the same way :D
those are my birthday presents, so imma's really happy.
i swear i'll move back to BS cos LJ takes really long to upload my pictures and that kinda upsets me ):

:D :D :D 

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waking up at nine is a tad too late [Nov. 12th, 2008|09:40 am]
[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

i like the way your name resounds in my mind like a well kept secret.
for someone i dont even say hi to, it makes me wish i do.

i love dreaming :D
i just hate having to wake up.
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my sensei is sick! [Nov. 11th, 2008|08:06 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |my best friend's over you - (i forgot the artiste)]

my sensei is sick!  ): im so sad.
she's really sick i think, cos they cancelled classes till 6th dec!
i think she's been hospitalised.
oh mannnnn. i hope she's going to be okay cos i really really like mizusaki sensei!
she's so cute and funny. like how she says she's her real career is being a ninja at night and jumping from roof to roof.
and what with her super cool hair and incredibly tiny built she really looks like a ninja!

class chalet tomorrow.
yay hope its fun. i think im only gonna stay for one night after all.
i'll be too tired after cycling all night.
and anyway i want to come home to edit my essay.

D & D came over for scrabble and tai di and bridge and harryp. mystery game today.
super fun :D
last time des came over i beat her at scrabble, this time she beat me! ):
i'll beat you next round des!
and darren will always be last HAHAHA :P
yay we have the whole hols!
pity K couldnt come.
he called me after they left asking if we were having dinner tgt LOL.
too late K!
cant wait for our picnic :D:D:D:D:DDDDDDDDDD

yay so many people to call up this hols.
kay im going to fix up my blogspot blog soon and then i can spam the photos!

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dance mats and hair curlers [Nov. 1st, 2008|04:46 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

i cant believe its been an entire year since the last VIP symposium!
i can remember exactly how it was, including what people said. lol.
i still cant get over how quickly time flies, and im so glad all that studying during sept hols before EOYs paid off.
now im actually looking forward to getting my transcript :D
(something that would never have happened had i stayed in dhs lollll)


didnt think i was going what with the strengthening of the yen and all that.
but im so glad we decided on japan afterall! grand alpine route. sounds cool right.
but apparently the last date to leave is nov20th so i'll be going off then.
we booked the tour yesterday, actually we were planning to depart sometime in mid/late december or early jan...
so it really came as a surprise.
but well IM SO HAPPPY. because its japan!
i wanna get the east boy knit vests etc. so i can wear them in winter at sevenoaks! yimmy wants to too <3
(im speaking as if ive already gotten in but i havent. so well... i hope desperately for good results :D)
will only know in december or so though. boooo. cant wait to know.

i havent posted in so long. and i think im moving back to blogger cos picture-posting is so much more convenient there.
des should be coming over to get ready for prom on thurs so its so exciting :D
my dress will be ready for collection tomorrow!

these couple of weeks have been great fun with d,d,k.
i just love hanging out with the three of them cos its always so much fun.
but people and their wagging tongues are getting on my nerves.
just because we're good friends and are caught hanging out all the time doesnt mean we have crushes on each other.

dinner yest. with laoshi and his big choir thing. sat with the other violinists who are his students and with yimmy.
we were the only table with people with hair that was still black and not white.
anywayyy, was beside this sec2 tkgs girl. she's really pretty and nice, plus she reads alot and she doesnt get turned off by the idea of philo&sociology, and from the way she speaks she seems totally like IP material but apparently she didn't get into VIP this year.
i was :O
she plays THREE instruments you know? and she took grade 8 violin with me this year.
geeeeez. i feel indignant for her.

cant wait for japannnnn~
hope ant and ed do well for A levels! <3
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design and technology - what? [Oct. 19th, 2008|06:09 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |love you lately - daniel powter]

i wonder when you decided i was a waste of your time.

right. i was reading my old posts from my old blog from a year back and OMG i miss 2i'06.
i hope there's class chalet this year.
i love them all so much!
its such apity ziyu is off in america studying):
and the truth or dare with ryan is the absolute bessssssttttt.
like when i had to pick three of his leg-hairs and had great difficulty while we were all falling about laughing like crazy fools high on fast food.

it was ant's 18th birthday on the 17th! :D
so we went for ice cream ;D
and i met up with her and ed to give her her "secret present" which was a cake :D
shall post photos sooon.

outing on thurs with gerluo was superduperuber fun :D
talked non-stop, took neoprints which she will scan in and send to me and then i shall post those :D

jap test today and i was like wth cos sensei tested stuff which they learnt before i joined the class!
and then after the test she realised and decided to go "senpai!tasukete!"
hahaha. lolllllllllllll. eeee, i always thought "senpai" sounded very endearing. i dont like to use it on random people LOL.
not that they arent nice.. but well.

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orange the colour and orange the fruit [Oct. 13th, 2008|05:57 pm]
[Current Mood |energeticenergetic]

i love this necklace :D bought it when i went out on a shopping trip with andrea a million years ago :D
isn't it lovely? hahaha.

thanks to the tip-off from dessssssss, i went to someone's PUBLIC BLOG, and was i shocked!
some people are so blatant its amazing.
its like saying, " i am secretly in love with jeremy* " as in saying it on your blog for the world to see.
its not much of a secret then is it!

today was an enjoyable day and i can't help but post :D
went to macs with des(siewessie) and darrrrennn and kevin during our break before chinese and came back late :X thinking class started at 12.30 when it started at 12.
went to borders and stuff.
we got wet in the rain but it was still fun!
and physics went well! :D
andddddd chinese was dreadful and stupid but quite funny.
the bridgeeee!!!! tim kept stealing me, darren and des' bigbag of ruffles. its OURSSSSS.
and he ate like most of it :PPPPPP

feel like going out during our break again :D

thursday with gloglo can't wait-tywait! <3

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あつい. BAD WEATHER [Oct. 11th, 2008|09:21 pm]
[Current Mood |blahblah]

its so hot everyday its annoying.
the weather is terrible!
i feel like im being roasted outside and boiled inside. my blood is boiling and cooking all my organs.
sorry if i sound morbid, but im in a rather morbid mood. not to mention my laptop is burning.
i have no idea whyyyyy. the keyboard is so hot i think its bad vibrations.
something's wrong with my broadband so i can't play my ribbons game cos its so lagggggy.

i can't wait for the real holidays to come.
school's like crap.
its worse than crap. its so boring everyday- the only thing i look forward to is playing bridge with tim, des, lavan, darren, kundan and whoever else.
OH, and me being the glutton - LUNCH BREAKS. not that i like the food at school actually, i just like to be free of the teachers. OH RIGHT, the canteen's full of them. garrrrr.

supposed to have dinner this weds with dear gerluo, i hope it goes through!
haven't seen her in forever. there's so much to catch up on!
i can't believe pam and hil are in china AGAIN.
why are they so smart and have to be bsp scholars? just when we're free they're scooted off to china where (in pam's words) "the toilets have no doors". my poor girls.
im dead bored without them with nothing to do.

just finished getting a whole bunch of cute desktop icons and wallpapers from japanese sites.PLUS, i found a few good and cute recipe sites and decore sites (all in japanese)
so i don't know why im complaining about life.

i wish i had something to look forward to! oh bytheway takashimaya has 15% off for cardmembers! wheeeee.
went yesterday before violin concert prac. with my mom. got more cute stationary and my pink nalgene bottle! i've broken like 4 bottles this two years already. so now this one wont break. its humongous and can hold like more than 700 ml :D
i wrote des a letter again cos i got a new notepad and so needed to use it :D

this is such, a long post. anyway, theres a wedding tml. and nic's not going so i shan't go either. the mom's are going so i'll be in her house collecting ribbons etc. i love weddings. cos theres food and happy people and alot of happy drunkards.

i wish i were married too! married happily that is. i want to get married! i want to PREPARE for a wedding rather. but as in, not at 16. i wish i were 26 and getting married. and feeling very very very happy and busy and blissful. how nice it'd be if i could fast forward time.

i hope weiping and marcus ng get into VJ next year. if they get in i'll be happy forever more! imagine seeing them everyday and so often. i think i'll be smiling 24/7 with all their happiness and funny-ness. STUDY HARDDDDDDD YOU TWO!!
if only i could have pam, hil, and gerluo by my side too. then all'd be perfect.

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truffles the bear [Sep. 29th, 2008|04:29 pm]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]

yayyuuuuums! im so happy ! all my effort paid off :D

we welcome Truffles the brown bear with brown eyes who weighs 255 grams and has been stuffed with hugs to the family! :D
he wears blue PJs and HELLO KITTY bedroom slippers and a red bow tie.
i'm not trying to be critical, but i think he doesn't have much fashion sense, BUT thats what makes him all the more endearing ;D
i shall post his photo along with marie and vanilla bean soon :D
i can see them from here and they seem to be getting along very well!
vanilla bean is being a very good host cos she's been here the longest.
theyre talking about food and theythink i cant hear but i can.
i sound demented but i bet you all are just jealous i can talk to soft toys ;)

his accent is really quite adorable (:
i want to work at F1 now! the changing of tires is so exciting. but i dont want to be the one changing tires either. and i hate physics so i dont think i'll be of much use. well... i want to work at google too anyway(:

dumdeedumdum im so glad i got to go for the qualifiers! i saw the word "lenovo" zoom zooming past so i knew it was either rosberg or nakajima ;D

-im talking alot today-
andandand i really hope and pray that universities dont look at sec4 CCA record thingies. because my top three achievements are tres pathetic and honestly they can hardly be called achievements. i havent even decided what they'll be.
and my rm has gone down the drain because of the weirdo thing that totally bailed on us T_T so i am RM-less even though i supposedly have an RM, and did turn up for RM, so right now i appear to be RM-less which is quite upsetting.
shouldve chose something else ): so much for playwriting(which i have no talent in anyway). bleargh.

at least i learnt ONE thing - i will never in my life ever sign up for anything related to playwriting again because i have no talent(or passion for that matter) whatsoever in this field. i only like to sit back, relax, and WATCH.
actually i chose it because it was the only artsy thing around. with the exception of current affairs competition which does sound rather boring doesn't it? and geographyyyyy which is well geographically boring though that makes no sense i think you get my point.

im going to look at tours and play spider solitaire now. im rather upset about the CCA REPORT THINGGGG.

(HAHAHA I JUST CUT OFF A CHUNK OF MY POST AND FRIEND-LOCKED IT. its too unsafe as i am currently in a position where castigation will do me a lot of harm and i still have my records to worry about, so i shall have to lock it up :P :P :P ) the beauty of LiveJournal :D

offf i go~! :D

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o_o [Sep. 22nd, 2008|09:28 pm]
[Current Mood |jubilantjubilant]

thank you to everyone who made my day so incredibly and absolutely lovely (:

i loved everything and every single message :D
thank you for making me feel so special (: 

im feeling happy!
in fact, im feeling very happy!

i dont want to list, 
but thank you ant and ed for spending it with me :P
and my bestlovelydes for the loveliest sms and for being you :D
okay i cannot go on or i wont be able to help myself from listing!
to everyone who remembered: you all made my day perfect (:

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